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Grupo CAP: Carbon Management Strategy


CAP Group


Carbon Management Strategy for Grupo CAP


Establishment of baseline emissions and carbon footprint for Scope 1, 2 and 3. Includes CMP, CAP Acero, CINTAC Group, Corporate Building, Aguas CAP, Puerto Las Losas and all Group companies.

Emission reduction targets based on baseline analysis.

Prioritization and analysis of mitigation actions in Scope 1 and 2.

Identification and evaluation of climate risks (physical and transition).

Integration of climate risks into the organization’s risk management system. Participatory workshops on this subject.

Framework for defining governance responsibilities

Proposal for climate risk management mechanisms.

Methodology for analysis and prioritization of mitigation measures.

Proposal for the development of a compensation strategy

Methodological proposal for establishing an internal carbon price.


Establish the GHG emissions baseline for the Group and all its Operating Companies, an emissions reduction trajectory and the methodological framework for climate risk management.

Potential Impact

Knowledge and use of TCFD disclosure recommendations. Better understanding of existing climate risks and in particular those to which the organization is subject. An emissions reduction target is defined and specific actions are prioritized according to mitigation potential and economic impacts.




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