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Los riesgos climáticos y cómo gestionarlos frente a una transición económica baja en carbono

Cuando hablamos de riesgos climáticos, generalmente nos referimos a dos grandes categorías: riesgos físicos y riesgos de transición hacia una economía baja en carbono. Los primeros se refieren a los impactos asociados a eventos climáticos extremos, como huracanes e incendios forestales, y también a sus efectos sobre los patrones climáticos



Through our clips we aim to deliver relevant information on climate change and sustainability issues in a clear and accessible way.
What is climate action?

At ImplementaSur, climate action is our main purpose. Learn what we mean by this concept and why it is so important in the current context.

What is a carbon footprint and what is it for?

We explain what greenhouse gases are and everything you need to know about carbon footprint and CO2 equivalent.

What is the water footprint and what is it for?

Learn about the relationship between water and climate change, as well as the benefits of measuring the water footprint in organizations.

Why is climate finance important?

Discover a key area for climate action and the possibilities that currently exist.

What are climate risks and why identify them?

Learn more about physical and low-carbon transition risks and the relevance of managing them.

What is the role of public-private collaboration in climate action?

Explore the Paris Agreement and the importance of involving all actors and levels in addressing climate change.

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