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Every organization is its own universe; ours is climate change

We align with your purpose to transform the challenges of the climate crisis into an opportunity for positive impact.

We are a consulting firm driven by the care of our planet.

Managing the risks and opportunities posed by climate change has a multiplier effect for organizations and their environment. Let us walk with you through your climate action path and design together a comprehensive strategy that allows your organization to generate greater value and thrive.

Impact cycle

Our services are shaped to the reality of each organization.

Our Impact Cycle has three interdependent areas that work in synergy, generating comprehensive and effective strategies that give rise to concrete actions to manage the effects of climate change.


We quantify and verify key indicators to assess the mitigation and adaptation challenges that every organization faces, enabling their maximum contribution to climate action within their context.


We analyze the potential impacts of climate risks, formulate mitigation and adaptation action plans, and assist in communicating organizations' progress and efforts. 


We accelerate the implementation of mitigation and adaptation projects through technology assessment, business model design, climate financing schemes, and public policy development.

We contribute to the design and implementation of sustainable and resilient practices in mitigation and adaptation to climate change. We help transform the challenges of climate change into an opportunity to create value.

ImplementaSur Consulting

Public and private organizations have relied on us as a strategic partner to help them navigate their way towards sustainability and manage the challenges of climate change.

Pre-feasibility study for a synthetic fuel project

Pre-feasibility study for a synthetic fuel project

Pre-feasibility study for a synthetic fuel project in the Magallanes region based on green hydrogen.

German Agency for Technical Cooperation

German Agency for Technical Cooperation

Promote the “Green Economic Recovery for building back better: low emission and climate resilient” of the Ecuadorian Government

NAMA Facility: Organic waste management in Peru

NAMA Facility: Organic waste management in Peru

NAMA Facility: Organic waste management in Peru Cliente: Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) Case: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla bibendum diam enim, id malesuada purus

Government of Canada

Government of Canada

International cooperation program to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from the waste sector in Chile through the implementation of composting plants

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We want to help you manage the risks of climate change and find opportunities that benefit your organization, your stakeholders, society and the environment.


One of ImplementaSur’s main pillars is raising awareness on climate change and sustainability. Check out our articles, videos, tools and other resources to learn more!

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