Evaluation and diagnosis of the green hydrogen market in Chile


 IFC World Bank


Integración de riesgos climáticos en sistema de gestión de la organización.


Diagnosis of strategy and national and sectoral commitments for the development of a green hydrogen industry in Chile and the world.

Economic evaluation of green hydrogen projects in Chile for the following sectors: high tonnage transport (mining), transport of cargo and people, methanol, ammonia, blending with natural gas, electricity generation.

Recommendations for the support and development of the green hydrogen industry in Chile.


Assessment of the green hydrogen market in Chile. The consultancy considered the collection of sector information, the modeling of different applications considered in Chile’s national green hydrogen strategy and its updated NDCs, and finally provided recommendations for the development of the sector in the short and medium term.

Potential impact

Helping multilateral instritutions to participate in innovative and new markets, in addition to being able to collaborate with key private and public players in the green hydrogen industry. This provided input for the IFC’s diagnostic report on the private sector in Chile.




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